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Orange tree blossoms

Orange tree blossoms

 Signs of spring in central Arizona; flood worries back home in Manitoba

There are signs of spring in the greater Phoenix area.

Baseball spring training is underway. Tourists, locals, and winter visitors flock to take in games of the 15 teams training as part of the Cactus League.

Blooms on South Mountain, Phoenix

Blooms on South Mountain, Phoenix

Over the last week, trees have greened and bushes have started flowering. Wildflowers are blooming. Websites, such as DesertUSA, Wild in Arizona and the Desert Botanical Garden Wildflower Infosite, track wildflower sightings. The Arizona State Parks Ranger Cam site provides information on wildflower and cactus blooms in state parks.

Mesa front yard ablaze with blooms

Weather forecast sites report daily pollen counts. All days this week have a high index, which explains my itchy watery eyes.
prickly pear in bloom

Early blooms on prickly pear cactus
in a Mesa community park

Blooms on South Mountain, Phoenix Arizona

Blooms on South Mountain, Phoenix Arizona

cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms, Jerome Arizona

Back home in Canada, snow still blankets southern Manitoba, although temperatures above freezing should start the melting process. On Tuesday, March 26, 2013 the Province of Manitoba released its first 2013 spring flood forecast. There is an increased risk of major flooding due to an above average snowpack and heavy March snowfall.
Flooding at Morris, Manitoba April 2011

Flooding at Morris, Manitoba April 2011

Although the flood potential is still very dependent on weather conditions from now until spring melt, it is thankfully significantly lower than in 2011 due to soil moisture conditions. But spring in Manitoba will involve watching the sky and the ground before thinking about the buds on trees and plants.
What signs of spring do you see?

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