May 122013
Not all signs of spring are beautiful and fragrant

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. ∼Hal Borland

The beginning of this week brought warm weather. On my jacketless morning walks, my eyes watered in the bright sun. I listened to the birds chirping. I thought spring had finally arrived. Although the weather has since cooled again, I still see signs of spring.

Spring has seemed a long time coming in this part of the world. After a particularly brutal winter, people long for its warmth and beauty. The lilacs are not yet budding and my bleeding heart has yet to make an appearance, but there have been signs of spring around us for weeks.

  • Winnipeg roads are once again full of its infamous potholes, caused by the melting of the water that froze in the cracks in the pavement.
  • The geese and ducks are back.
  • Dark ugly mounds of dirt and gravel form on yards and curbs as the snow melts away leaving the debris of the winter behind.
  • Patches of green grass peek through cracks in the sidewalk.


  • The ice on the city’s man-made lakes, aka retention ponds, becomes thinner and thinner. Patches of water appear and spread until the ice completely disappears.
  • Every spring brings risk of flooding in the Red River Valley. Flood forecasters have been busy since March. Severity depends on many factors, including the amount of winter snow, precipitation in spring, quickness of the thaw, the ability of the land to absorb moisture, and the amount of water flowing north from the U.S. The lingering cool temperatures, which dismayed those weary of the winter, resulted in a slow melt. That slow melt, coupled with low spring precipitation levels, resulted in initial forecasts of major flooding being downgraded to almost a non-event. Flood concerns remain, however, in some other parts of the province.
  • Tulip stems poke through the dirt in the flowerbed in front of my house.
  • The streets are dusty and dirty.

Not all signs of spring are beautiful and fragrant. That might be worth remembering in the winter times of our lives, when we see nothing but dirt and ugliness around us. There may be signs of spring in that dirt.

What signs of spring do you see?

  2 Responses to “Spring Will Come”

  1. My early tulips are in bloom and my mid spring ones are starting to bud. I love seeing all the green appear in my garden.

  2. Teri: Your tulips are ahead of mine, which aren’t even budding yet. Today I noticed that my neighbour’s daffodils are blooming.

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