Jun 092013


A full tank of a gas and a stack of unread books: feeling rich

A full tank of gas and a stack of unread books. Life is good. These two things have always made me feel rich. These days, I might want to add a laptop and an Internet connection, but there is still something satisfying about a full tank of gas, and a stack of books, waiting to be read.

When I bought my first car, a new 1977 Chevy Nova, car payments and expenses stretched my budget to the limit. A full tank of gas meant I could get around without worrying about another cash outlay for at least some period of time.

I am a reader. I spent much of my childhood buried in a book. I’m told my mother would call my name several times before I noticed. A stack of unread books means hours of entertainment ahead of me.

Yet, there may be more than expense avoidance and pending entertainment behind the feeling of wealth. Both the full tank of gas and the unread books offer me places to go and the means to get there, new worlds to explore and discover. They allow me to travel and connect with others.

What makes you feel rich? What does that say about who you are?

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