Aug 142013


Discover your home town through the eyes of a tourist

When you visit another city, what do you do to learn about and experience the essence of that city? Do you visit museums? Do you take a tour? Do you seek out local landmarks and historical sites? Do you frequent restaurants featuring local cuisine?

What do tourists seek out when they visit your home city? Have you experienced your city as a tourist?

Years ago, friends from England visited us for a week as part of a Canadian tour. We showed them the highlights of our city and surrounding area, and enjoyed re-discovering our city. My husband and I spent four months this past winter in Arizona. Although the house we rented became our home and we settled into a routine of daily life, we were also conscious that we were “away from home”. I took more opportunities to visit attractions and events than I usually do at our permanent home. When we returned to Canada for the summer, I carried that desire to explore into my own city. Over the summer, I’ve visited attractions and taken tours in my own city – newer attractions, obscure and unusual attractions, and old favourites. I’ve gained a different perspective on my own city.

If you are longing for a vacation, but time or money is too scarce, consider becoming a “tourist at home”. Spend a week or a series of weekends re-discovering the area you live in. Visit your city’s tourism website or tourist office to obtain a list of attractions. Watch the newspaper for information on events. Do a web search to find information from bloggers. Visit the standard best-known attractions or the more out-of-the-way ones. Learn something about your home. Have fun.

What interesting or unusual experiences have you had exploring your home town?

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