Jun 042014

red-winged blackbird

How strong are the supports in your life?

There are red-winged blackbirds around my Manitoba home in the summer. They perch on reeds alongside the lake behind my house, sitting on thin and fragile-looking branches that seem incapable of supporting even their tiny weight.

Yet, there they sit, seemingly comfortable, for long periods of time. The thin branches must provide more support than I thought possible.

What about the supports in our lives? Do they sometimes seem as tenuous as those reeds? Maybe they are stronger than we realize and we can trust them to hold us up and let us rest until we are ready to fly again.

  4 Responses to “Supporting Twigs – Tenuous or Tough?”

  1. Such a great sentiment. I’m guilty as charge of being an “I can do it myself” person, so asking for support can be really hard, but yet always pays off.

    • True Jeri, take charge people can have trouble asking for help. Also, other people often assume strong people never need help. But we all need support from time to time.

  2. Hi; well all I can think is that th twigs like our personal supports may look weak until you remember they are often held up by our father’s hand. take care, max

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