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Aug 192015

Personal times of drought fade our blooms

Thoughts on our personal droughts which sometimes wilt our beautiful blooms

Whenever I visit Vancouver, British Columbia in the summer, I am enamoured with the hydrangeas. They thrive in many gardens and borders along sidewalks. Full, lush blooms in deep shades of blue and rose. Varieties of hydrangea grow in my home province of Manitoba, but they are usually a white or greenish-yellow colour, not the rich colours I see in Vancouver.

This summer Vancouver is in the midst of a drought. Watering restrictions are in place. When I visited, I was greeted with wilted, faded, half-hearted hydrangea blossoms amid withering gardens of yellow and brown. The despairing melancholy of these flowers matched a sadness of spirit as I thought about friends, family members, and acquaintances who are experiencing loss and troubled times this summer.

Sometimes our lives go through a period of drought, brought on by the eroding winds of change, a sudden storm, our own neglect, or unexplained causes. In these arid, colourless times, we need to lay dormant for a while, conserve energy, and seek nourishment where we can find it. We turn inward and wilt a little. We are less showy. Our vibrant colours fade. It is impossible to predict how long the drought will last. We do what we can to survive.

It seems as if a larger number of people in my circles of connections are experiencing tough times this summer. Some wrote eloquent and moving pieces about their grief and loss. Some shared small pieces of their pain privately. Others carry their burdens silently, behind the routines of daily life. To everyone going through these wilting times and experiencing the varied emotions of grief, despair, sadness, anger, regret, guilt, fear, and hopelessness, I wish you strength and a few faithful friends willing to lug the occasional watering can until the life-giving rains return.

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  1. This is such a moving post, Donna. How apropos to equate a drought with personal loss; it’s so fitting. And yes, it’s friends and family who carry the water and aren’t we grateful for that. Wonderful reminder.

  2. Such a lovely and thoughtful post. So many times we take for granted friends, family and our surroundings and only notice them when they’re gone. This reminds me that I need to practice gratitude and appreciation every day! Anita

    • Anita, sometimes we need reminders to appreciate and be grateful for the friends and family in our lives. Sometimes, one of them needs us to bring a watering can, sometimes they do the same for us.

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