About Me


Donna Janke

      Hello and welcome.

I’m Donna Janke, creator of Destinations Detours and Dreams.



I am a writer (check out my author page at donnajanke.com), retired information technology professional, reader, music lover, traveller, snowbird, dreamer and doer. I love to explore wherever I am. I photograph, document and share what I discover.

I dig into the background and history of the places I visit. Each place and every person has a great story to tell.

My love of travel likely began with my love of books. An avid reader as a child, I discovered new worlds from the living room of my small prairie home. As I grew up, I continued to read, but also wanted to explore new places with my feet.

That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet. ∼Jhumpa Lahiri

I grew up in a small Manitoba town, surrounded by a large extended family who taught me about faith, community, taking care of each other and the value of hard work, play and laughter. I laugh a lot. I have a husband and adult daughter, who continue to teach me about life, love, joy and following one’s heart. My two step-daughters have taught me how much someone who isn’t a blood relative can capture your heart, fill it with love and become family. I am blessed to be surrounded with family and friends who fill my world with love and joy and provide the roots to my wandering nature.