Dec 042012

Christmas card cover

No decorations, lots of Christmas spirit

Actually, except for the snow outside my window and the Christmas card sitting atop my television, my house doesn’t look at all like Christmas. Soon we will be on our way to Arizona for the winter. I’m not putting up my Christmas decorations this year.But there are other signs of Christmas.

The season started in November with a piano concert by Evangeline Keeley as part of the release of her new CD, Carols of Hope and Joy. Inspiring.

I made Christmas sugar cookies. I didn’t decorate them this year either, which is fine as my husband prefers them plain. And I’ve been practicing Christmas carols on the piano.

Blue Christmas tree at Festival of Trees and Light

Blue Christmas tree
at Festival of Trees and Light

I visited the annual Festival of Trees and Lights in downtown Winnipeg and enjoyed the decorations there. The festival is hosted by Friends of Gardens Manitoba. Various merchants and organizations decorate and donate trees, donate wreaths, or donate gifts for under the trees. Visitors can purchase raffle tickets and place them in boxes beside their favourite trees or wreathes. At the end of the festival, winners are drawn from each box. The winner takes home the wreath or decorated tree, complete with all the gifts.

Events and entertainment are scheduled for specific times. When I visited, a craft sale was underway. I listened to the lovely a capella voices of the RCAF Vocal Quartet. 

Highlights of the holiday season are time spent with family and friends. We are making time for as much of that as we can before we leave. And, blessedly, we will have family in Arizona to share the season with.
Although I love the sense of Christmas in my house when it is decorated, it turns out I don’t need the decorations to feel Christmas. I will close with some pictures from the Festival of Trees and Lights.
Magic of Giving tree

Magic of Giving tree


Gingham Style tree

Gingham Style tree


gingerbread house

Winner of gingerbread house competition

Blossom and Berries, Glitter and Light tree

Blossom and Berries, Glitter and Light tree

Wreath display

Wreath display

You’re the…the…THE GRINCH tree 

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