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Chocolate: A family legacy

Over the years, I’ve learned many things about being part of my husband’s family. Three in particular stand out. The first is that a joke or tease-able moment never goes stale. My husband and his siblings still chuckle and tease each other about pranks and mishaps from their childhood. The second is that a fart joke is always funny. The third, and perhaps most important, is chocolate.

My mother-in-law loved sweets, especially chocolate. She kept a stash of chocolate bars to hand out to grandchildren at the end of a visit. I remember her delight the Christmas my sister-in-law received a chocolate fountain as one of her gifts. It became the highlight of our Christmas dinner dessert. The love of chocolate is a legacy that has been passed on to her children.
I like chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, but do not have the same sweet tooth as my husband’s family. I easily go without dessert at most meals. My husband on the other hand always ends his dinner with something sweet. He keeps chocolate in the fridge just for this purpose. And yes, it has to be cold. He only needs a small piece or two, but he likes to end his dinner on a sweet note.
Our family is not unique in its love for chocolate. During my winter in Mesa, I read in the newspaper about the myriad of things we could do in the area given unlimited time and money. I am surprised at how many events feature chocolate. On the Internet, I’ve encountered sites dedicated to chocolate and people travelling and writing about chocolate.
But this week I am not thinking about those other events and people. This week chocolate belongs to our family alone. My mother-in-law passed away this past summer. Yesterday she would have turned ninety. Family gathered to remember her in a way I’m sure made her smile. With chocolate.

Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake

Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake


Does chocolate have any special significance to you?

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  1. You can’t live without chocolate!

  2. I had a great evening. I’m sure Rose was looking down with a smile.

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