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Reflections on the year that was

As we approach the beginning of a new year, we often look back and reflect on the year that was before ringing in the new.

So, as I look back over the past year of blogging, here are a recap of some of my favourite posts of 2013.

The winter of 2013 was my first “snowbird” winter.


I love posting about travel destinations. It gives me a chance to relive my experiences and share tips. Here are a few favourite posts of 2013.

Six Phoenix Area Day Trips (Many of my posts were about Arizona attractions)
Ten Things to Do In Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain gave me lots of material
Images of London (because it's London)

Attitude plays an important role in your travel experience.

Old People Shouldn't Travel
Travel Snobs
Tourist at Home

Some of my posts were about writing (or not writing).

A Light Comes On (about creativity and inspiration)
How to Avoid Writing

Each year brings a few more life lessons.

Life Lessons from a Tai Chi Workshop
Lessons from the Garden

Chihuly in the Garden

And finally, a recent post, because it generated lots of feedback and because Chihuly is so amazing.

Chihuly in the Garden

Is there another post you’d include on the favourite list? What comes to mind when you look back on your 2013?

  13 Responses to “2013 In Review”

  1. Hi Donna: Looks like you had a great year filled with learning opportunities. That’s what life’s all about.

    My 2013 was good in retrospect, but very difficult as I went thru each stage. I’m now ready for clear sailing in 2014. Best wishes to you, and happy travels!

  2. Lesson from Tai Chi and Lessons from the Garden are both awesome Donna, thanks for bringing those to the surface.

    For me, 2013 was all about meeting people + learning. And that thing called time-management. Yeah… 🙂

  3. I am enjoying the variety you have on your blog. What caught my eye was the Tai Chi – maybe some day I will learn. My father got quite good at it in his sixties. I liked your comparison of illustration to writing – maybe I can learn more from you. Discipline, discipline.

  4. I love the post on Chihuly. I have considered Tai Chi for many years but have yet to do something about it. Your post certainly gives me the idea to do so. I will echo Leroa on the illustration and writing comparison too. Thank you for that. 🙂

  5. Nice recap. I especially like the last one! The Chihuly is awesome! Seems like you did lots of challenging and exciting things in 2013. Hope 2014 brings you lots of abundance.

  6. I lean toward the tai chi post as my favorite, but that’s because I am a sucker for anything martial arts-related. Some people say tai chi is not a martial art but, if you accelerated the pace, it could be applied that way! Then again it wouldn’t be true tai chi anymore!

  7. Wow, looks like you had a great year. I am going to check out your Barcelona post right now, I have always wanted to go there. I love the photo for your tai chi post!

  8. Wow, that Chihuly in the garden is stunning! I had never heard of him. I’m still pondering my goals for 2014 🙁 – I’m very much a goal person, so I will eventually fine tune them.

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