Winnipeg is diverse, full of history, and culturally rich. Part of a global series for curious locals and experienced visitors, 111 Places in Winnipeg That You Must Not Miss takes you down the alleys, along the trails, and across the rivers to explore this prairie city with the heart of a small town. Take a bison safari and imagine these enormous beasts thundering across the prairie centuries ago. Enjoy a mix of new and old at a modern campus building featuring century-old storefronts. Eat modern dishes rooted in traditional First Nations and Métis foods or take a world culinary tour at an ethnic grocery store. Embrace Winnipeg’s seasons in the world’s largest snow maze and Canada’s largest urban forest. Discover The Peg’s creative and community spirit in an alley of Arctic wildlife art, North America’s largest non-profit fabrication lab, a diner that was once a barber shop and pool hall, or a kindness rock garden.

111 Places in Winnipeg That You Must Not Miss will be released in fall 2024. Look for it on Amazon and Indigo and at indie book stores.