Sep 212014
nature playground
Beautiful spot for imaginative play – Assiniboine Park’s Nature Playground

Open the red child-sized door just west of the Pavilion in Assiniboine Park and enter into a world of play. Adults need to duck. The Nature Playground in Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Assiniboine Park offers unique spaces and structures for jumping, running, climbing, and imagining, set in a beautiful garden.

crawl tunnel play

Crawl, tunnel and play

Natural materials have been used wherever possible in construction of play structures and spaces. 

slide and climb

Slide and climb




nature playground

Run, roll and slide


topiary musicians

Row of topiary musicians along garden walkway

Topiary musicians

Topiary musicians

Topiary musicians

More topiary musicians


Nature Playground picnic area

There are places for families to picnic within the garden or at the edge of the garden in a covered structure

Nature Playground creatures

A couple other “creatures” I came across in the garden

fake stumps

A fake tree stump at one end of the garden acts as a donation box. It says, “Thanks for helping our imaginations and gardens grow.” A group of children ran by me as I walked through the garden. They were planning moves in their imaginary world and made mention of someone hiding in the woods. The space does seem to foster imaginative play.

Have you been to the Nature Playground at Assiniboine Park? Do you have a favourite playground for the young people in your life?

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  1. Assiniboine Park sounds great and I love your photos. There is a playground in Boca Raton, Florida called, Sugar Sand Park that is a science oriented playground. I used to love taking my boys to this park and had as much fun as they did.

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