Meet Me At The Forks

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The Forks

An age-old meeting place in Winnipeg, Manitoba offers dining, shopping, entertainment and other attractions in a public space rich with history

There is a newer version of this post. See Meet Me In The Forks In Winnipeg.

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  1. Not heard of The Forks! But what a gorgeous place Donna! And so much to do. The Bridge looks lie it’s calling you to come to the other side. This was fun…thanks

    1. Lyn, the Forks is one of the top tourist attractions in Winnipeg. If you do get here next year, we should arrange to meet up.

  2. This is an excellent use of waterfront and repurposing to honor the traditional meeting place. I love that it’s such a vibrant mix of activities and informative aspects. Well done, Winnipeg!

    1. Betsy, I’ve visited The Forks many times, for different reasons, and knew there was a lot there, but really came to appreciate the mix of activities when I wrote this post – there just seemed to be more and more to say,

  3. I am a big fan of parks in the middle of a city, and The Forks seems to have it all – green spaces, market, recreation areas, museums and at the same time preserving the heritage of the site.
    Well done Winnipeg!

    1. Yasha, The Forks is popular with locals and tourists alike, but sometimes we locals may take it a bit for granted. It is a unique space.

  4. What a fun tour Donna, thanks for taking me on a first visit to this area, it really is lovely and the water views and clouds make it really perfect.

  5. As much as I’ve become a real sissy about the cold I would love to try that frozen skating trail! Very interesting – I’ve never read about Winnipeg before and it looks charming.

    1. Kay, I’ve taken to spending the winters someplace warmer so I haven’t done the skating trail either. I would like to. The last couple of years they’ve had architectural competitions for the warming huts along the trail. There have been some interesting and unusual huts set up.

  6. Hi Donna. This looks like a great place to spend the day. I love that view of the river. I was in Winnipeg back in the early 90s. I was working a conference, so didn’t have a lot of time to sight see. One of these days maybe I’ll get back.

    1. Nancie – The Forks is much different now than it was in the early 1990s. Development into what it is now had just started at that point.

  7. The Forks looks like a great area! Nice to see they are accommodating all age groups with something for everyone. The Salsa dance lessons sound like a fun night out.

  8. Great tour Donna. What comprehensive use they’ve made of the space at The Forks. Literally something for everyone. I love to see old historical buildings converted to new use, and I love that you’ve shared that history with us. I’m learning through your posts that Winnipeg offers a lot to see!

  9. Very pretty spot! And it is soooo green. It’s great to have a window into northern hemisphere places where it’s summer, while we’re in the depths of winter here in Melbourne, Australia!

  10. I like The Forks. Have never seen this historic site, but just from your pictures and description I’d like to visit it. It seems it has a little of everything. Thank you for sharing this post and thank you for joining us for The Weekly Postcard.

    1. Thanks Vlad. You’re right about relaxing – even with all the activities one can find at the Forks, it does feel relaxed.

    1. When I see that playground, I wish either I was still a kid or my daughter was young again to bring her to it.