Local Brews And Eats At The Beer Can In Winnipeg

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Wooden slat entryway to The Beer Can patio grounds of the Tudor-style Granite Curling Club in Winnipeg

The Beer Can is an outdoor pub and restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Situated on the grounds of the Granite Curling Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, The Beer Can is an outdoor pub and restaurant serving local beers. It also offers cocktails and wine as well as a food menu.

Graveled patio area with wooden tables and benches with food and drink counter to the side and mature green trees in the background

The Beer Can first opened in the summer of 2020 on Main Street, where it became a popular venue. In 2021, it moved to the grounds of the Granite Curling Club and reopened there again in the summer of 2022. The location on the banks of the Red River is surrounded by mature trees and makes a great spot to get together with friends.

Chalkboard drinks menu featuring many local beers at The Beer Can
Drink menu

The Beer Can is also a great spot to try beers from local craft breweries. The many beers on offer are all local.

Chalkboard food menu at The Beer Can in Winnipeg
Food menu

Food is also available. The food menu in the first two summers featured tacos, but the menu changed for 2022. It leans more toward southern-American, Creole-inspired eats. They smoke their own brisket. On their website, they state that because they are committed to supporting local, small-scale farmers, the menu changes often. We had the Brisket Poutine and the Chips + Dip (toasted tortilla chips with creole cream cheese dip). Both were delicious.

Poutine in a black and white checkered paper-lined contained - french fries covered with onions, red peppers, brisket, cheese and gravy
Brisket Poutine
Tortilla chips and creole cream cheese dip
Chips + Dip
Blue shipping container pop-up craft beer booth on patio area surrounded by mature trees.

Under a canopy of trees, you’ll find a Good Neighbour Brewing pop-up location. Good Neighbour Brewing, a female-owned and operated craft brewery, opened in Winnipeg in 2021.

The photos in this post were taken during a quiet holiday Monday lunchtime. The place can get much busier, especially when they have entertainment or special events.

Open booth stage at the edge of a large patio area filled with wooden tables and benches
Stage with colouful backdrop

The flat patio area is graveled, which may make it a bit of challenge for someone in a walker or wheelchair to manage. My husband used a walker and we chose a table near the entrance to minimize the length he needed to walk on the gravel. The wooden bench looked a little too low for him to easily push himself back up from, so he chose to sit on the chair of his walker at the end of the table. Toilet facilities are a couple of port-a-potties.

Man and woman smiling as they sit in a graveled patio area with wooden benching behind them
Enjoying our surroundings, the food, and the drink

The Beer Can is open daily, weather permitting. They close when it’s cold out or when its raining. See The Beer Can web site for more information on hours and on special events. Note that there are bike racks near the entrance for those who choose to bicycle to the venue.

Wooden slat walls of an entrance/exit to a patio are with the letters See You Soon printed on top

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Local Brews and Eats at The Beer Can Patio - The Beer Can is an outdoor pub and restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada featuring local craft beer and food with local ingredients

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  1. I love the Beer Can on a summer afternoon. It’s got a sunny, laid back vibe, and lots of beverages to choose from. Nice to see your faces in this post, Donna. 🙂

    1. Thanks Deb. I usually concentrate on taking photos of things I see and don’t often think to get some with me in it. I haven’t quite mastered the art of the selfie so usually need someone else to snap a pic of me.