Arizona Lighthouses

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Lake Havasu lighthouse kiosk
Lake Havasu Lighthouses information kiosk in London Bridge Park
Working replicas of famous lighthouses on Lake Havasu, Arizona

Arizona is a land-locked state and not often associated with lighthouses, but Lake Havasu City in Arizona is home to more lighthouses than any other city in the United States. The fully functional lighthouses are one-third scale replicas of famous East Coast, West Coast, and Great Lakes lighthouses.

A group of Lake Havasu City boaters formed the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club in 2000 to address the need for navigation aids on Lake Havasu’s twists and bends.

The first lighthouse replica was of West Quoddy Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine. The replica replaced an existing navigational aid and was dedicated in June, 2002. Today 22 lighthouse replicas exist, with plans for an additional 5 to be built. 

Lake Havasu Currituck Beach lighthouse replica
Currituck Beach Lighthouse replica. The original is on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.
Lake Havasu Wind Point lighthouse replica
Wind Point Lighthouse replica. The original is 3.5 miles north of Racine, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan.

All of the lighthouses on the west side of Lake Havasu are replicas of West Coast lighthouses while those on the east side are replicas of East Coast lighthouses. The lighthouses around the island are replicas of Great Lakes lighthouses. As per coast guard navigational regulations, lighthouses on the west coast use a green beacon and lighthouses on the east coast use a red beacon.

lake Havasu Algoma Pierhead lighthouse replica
Algoma Pierhead Lighthouse replica. The original is on the shores of Lake Michigan at Algoma, Wisconsin.
Lake Havasu Vermillion lighthouse replica
Vermillion Lighthouse replica. The original is on the shore of Lake Erie at Vermillion, Ohio.

A map of lighthouse locations is available at Lake Havasu City Visitor Center at the foot of London Bridge. 11 lighthouses are accessible by land. The others may be seen from the lake.

Lake Havasu Split Rock lighthouse replica
Split Rock Lighthouse replica. The original is located on the North Shore of Lake Superior near Two Harbors, Minnesota.

Have you seen Lake Havasu City’s lighthouses? Have you seen any of the originals? In addition to the ones I’ve highlighted in my pictures, replicas include West Quoddy, Cape Hatteras, Robert H. Manning, Main Buffalo, Sandy Hook, Table Bluff, East Quoddy, Alpena, Mount Desert Rock, Barnegat, Berwick, White Shoals, Umpqua, Portland Head, Fire Island, Chicago Harbor Navy Pier, and Gray’s Harbor Light.

PIN ITLighthouses at Lake Havasu, Arizona: one-third scale working replicas of famous lighthouses
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  1. Hi Donna. Yes, I had the pleasure of seeing several of the Lake Havasu area lighthouses. I think these are a great idea. With all of the recent lighthouse closures on Canada’s coasts it would be good to see something similar here. I read recently about a Brit who is making smaller replicas of some Nova Scotia lighthouses. Hopefully it will catch on !

    1. Hi Paul. I’d like to see those Nova Scotia lighthouse replicas. The building of the replicas requires people dedicated enough to put up money for it. In Lake Havasu City, each new lighthouse is sponsored by someone or some group.

  2. I never knew about the many lighthouse replicas in Lake Havasu City. Your photos of the lighthouses against the backdrop of mountains and palm trees are really beautiful.

  3. I had no clue Arizona has so many lighthouses! And I live in California, right next door. Should have known that – a good piece of trivia. I used to live on Cape Cod and my running route would take me by a beautiful lighthouse overlooking Buzzard’s Bay. This brought that sensation back to me for a moment. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Almost tied with our area with this number! In North Carolina and Virginia. Who knew. We have one lighthouse that was closed and a couple bought it to live in it as a house. Your post reminded me to check into just how that worked out. It’s been about a year or more.


    Over from LinkedIn group BHB

  5. Hi Donna,

    I never knew about the any of these lighthouse or the Lake Havasu City itself. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Some of them look so beautiful.


  6. Hi Donna – I find it wonderful that people are creative and dedicated enough to build these replicas. I live just east of Lake Huron in Ontario and we have a number of lighthouses placed along the shore of the lake. I always enjoy seeing them. I also enjoyed seeing your pictures – they are beautiful.

  7. This was so interesting in the “Whooda Thunk It”? category! It’s such a clever idea. I lived in New England and have seen many of the east coast “real” lighthouses but if I find myself in Arizona I will definitely look this place up. Thanks!

  8. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for a beautiful post! I love learning. I had no idea of all the lightouses in Arizona. I like the contrast of mountain and lighthouse in the Algoma Pierhead photo. We were through Kingman on through to Sedona nearly 2 years ago, so we did not venture into the Lake Havasu or the Grand Canyon area. I’ve seen a number of interesting lighthouses in Michigan, but my all-time favorite is Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

    Kind Regards,

  9. I have never seen Lake Havasu City’s lighthouses. I do love to go and visit lighthouses along the eastern seaboard. They fascinate me. We stayed at a hotel in Rhode Island where the lighthouse was close by and beacon of light lulled me to sleep

    1. Lake Havasu City sits along the shores of Lake Havasu, a lake created by dams in the Colorado River. Apparently, there are some twists and bends in the lake that make navigation tricky – hence the need for the lighthouses.

  10. Thanks for sharing. Arizona would have definitely been the last place I would have looked for lighthouses!

  11. We love visiting lighthouses and being able to see so many in miniature is a great way to get your fix on these buildings. It would be fun to send our family in Wisconsin these photos of Algoma and Racine’s replicas for a chuckle.

  12. Oh WOW, I never knew these existed. They are absolutely wonderful. When I find myself in these areas I do plan on going to see them. Thank you so much for sharing this. :-)))

  13. How cool! I live in Arizona but haven’t visited Lake Havasu lately. I’ll put the lighthouse replicas on my list of fun things to see. Great pictures!

  14. This is one of the most interesting posts I have read this week! I had no idea! I lived in Wisconsin for 18 years and had a home in Northern Wisconsin as well… I drove through Algoma every weekend! I think it such a wonderful idea to do these replicas as a creative way to meet a real need. These pictures took me back….thanks so much for entertaining me this morning:)

  15. How fun! Your title really caught my attention – who would have thought AZ would have lighthouses? I’m fascinated by lighthouses, since I live in a landlocked state as well. The only one I’ve seen up close is in Oregon.

  16. Wow, so cool to recreate lighthouses from other places. I also live near the water and this post has made me wonder about the purposes and locations of each one in my own city. Thank you for sharing this. You might’ve just inspired a post from me on a similar topic. I hope you don’t mind.

  17. Well that’s something learned for the day. I’ve always wanted to visit Arizona but I would have been a long time guessing this particular claim to fame! Thanks Donna, I enjoyed the read and photos of these beautiful lighthouse lights.

  18. I have never been to Lake Havasu, but have heard lots of good things about it. Although I’ve never heard of any good chocolate makers there! Interesting how they have so many lighthouses!

  19. I lived most of my life in Arizona and I have never heard of Lake Havasu City’s lighthouses! I wish I had when I was out there, I’ve never seen a light house.

    1. The first lighthouse replica was dedicated in 2002. All the lighthouses have been built in the 14 years since then, so they are a relatively recent thing.

  20. Hi Donna, I’ve seen only sea lighthouses. I love them all cause they’re very romantic and fascinating! In Italy there are some lighthouses offers as a B&B, a very nice kind of accomodation 🙂