Festive Christmas Photos

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Festive Christmas Photos - two themed decorated Christmas trees at a Christmas tree festival
A photo collection of Christmas decorations from assorted December travels

I love Christmas decorations. It is uplifting to see creative displays, festive trees, and beautiful lights. Because of travel and gathering restrictions and advisories due to COVID-19, the holiday season will be different for many people this year, but we can still enjoy the decorations, be they in our own homes, on yards and building exteriors in our neighbourhoods, or at special safe exhibitions. It is also nice to remember the various Christmas displays we’ve seen over the years. In this post, I share a collection of Christmas decoration photos I’ve taken at home and on travels during the Christmas season.

Christmas Displays

A bed of red poinsettias, columns covered in gold and white balls and lights holding up a roof of the same balls and lights trimmed with white to look like snow in a Christmas display in Bellagio Hotel
At the Conservatory in the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Christmas display featuring two giant polar bears created with flowers in a bed of poinsettias in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
Also at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada
Garlands decorating the a-frame roof of wooden both at the Winchester Christmas Market
Decorations at the top of a wooden booth at the Christmas Market in Winchester, England
Fairytale vignettes in display cases (spinning girl from Rumpelstiltskin featured in foreground) as part of a Christmas display
Fairytale vignettes used to be part of the annual Christmas display at the Eaton’s downtown store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The store no longer exists, but the vignettes are displayed seasonally at the Children’s Museum in Winnipeg.

Christmas Decorations At Home

Table set for Christmas dinner with red, green, and white table cloth, white plates, Christmas crackers, mini-sleights of candies
My Christmas table ready for guests in a past year. Visits will be virtual this year.
Victorian-era Christmas table with centerpiece of greenery, red berries, and red pears.
Table set for a Victorian Christmas at Dalnavert Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Chocolate cupcakes decorated with Christmas trees and a gingerbread man
Christmas cupcakes for sale at a craft sale in Farnham, England
Twig Christmas wreaths decorated with orange and lemons
Decorative and fragrant wreaths at the Haslemere Christmas Market, England
Colourfully wrapped Christmas presents
A bounty of Christmas presents

Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree decorated with a silver garland and little white teddy bear with red hat ornaments
One of the trees at the Christmas Tree Festival at St Andrews Parish Church in Farnham, Surrey, England
A Christmas tree decorated with paper chain garlands and red tinsel balls
Also at the Christmas Tree Festival in Farnham
A Christmas tree decorated with paper angels
Paper angels on a tree at the Farnham Christmas Tree Festival
Angel made out of sheet music for a Christmas tree ornament
Christmas tree decorated with sheer white bows, sparkly white snowflakes, blue balls, and blue garlands
Tree at a 2012 Festival of Trees in Winnipeg, Manitoba,. Canada
Ceramic Christmas tree with candle lights and carols in front of it
Ceramic tree on display of Christmas lights through the ages at the Manitoba Electrical Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

And I will close off the tree section of this post with photos of our dogs (sadly no longer with us – they died in 2013 and 2014) snuggled under the tree.

Christmas Lights

Car's driving through a Chrtistmas light display - trees on either side are covered in white lights; red lighted arbor ahead
Drive-through Christmas exhibit in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Garlands of Christmas lights strung across the street of an English town
Street in Farnham, Surrey, England
Lights wrapped around the trunks of three trees and snowflake lighted decorations hanging from top branches
Trees covered in lights in Farnham, Surrey, England
Cactus decorated with red Christmas ligths
Cactus covered in Christmas lights in Arizona
Trees and pathway lit with Christmas lights
Display on the grounds of the Mesa Temple in Mesa, Arizona
White lights decorating the top of a building with shapes ofr Christmas trees and a giant star
Nativity scene with lighted star above it
Nativity scene at Mesa Temple

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Festive Christmas Photos: A photo collection of Christmas decorations from assorted December travels - trees, lights, displays, table settings

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    1. Linda, I miss them too. Those puppies were full of character and love. I still expect one of them to come racing into the kitchen when I accidentally drop a piece of food. And I still hesitate to leave bags of groceries (or anything else) on the floor for longer than a few seconds – I gotten so used their prying noses rifling through everything.

    1. Ken, I’ve actually decided not to put up a tree this year but I have put out enough other decorations for it to feel festive. I do think, however, that a lot of people are doubling down on decorations this year.

    1. Tam, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I personally don’t decorate much for the other seasons, but I too love seeing the decorations and the creativity of displays.