The Gardens Of Kildonan Park In Winnipeg

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Beds of formal gardens in among green spaces and trees in Kildonan Park, Winnipeg
Beautiful gardens are among the many features of Kildonan Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The 39 hectares (96 acres) of Kildonan Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada contain green spaces, pathways, picnic areas, playgrounds, athletic fields, an outdoor swimming pool, tobogganing and skating in the winter, a restaurant, and a number of attractions such as the whimsical Witch’s Hut evoking the Hansel and Gretel story and Rainbow Stage, Canada’s largest and longest-running outdoor theatre. There are also beautiful garden areas. It is those gardens I feature in this post.

In the Formal Garden, located near the Main Street entrance, you’ll find beautiful formal gardens and green space. Meandering paths in the North Garden flow through colourful flower and shrub beds. Benches in both gardens offer opportunities to sit and enjoy the gardens or spend time visiting with a friend in a lovely setting.

Formal Garden

Note that the photo at the top of this post is from the Formal Garden. Following are more photos from that garden.

Kildonan Park circular flower bed featuring tap red canna lilies in the centre with yellow flowers around that and deep red flowers on the border
Oval shaped flower bed containing colours of orange, coral, and deep pink in front of a group of trees
Flower bed with shrubs and flowers nestled among trees
Circular flower bed with evergreens in the background
Path leading to green space containing several formal flower beds
View of the Formal Garden from the other end. Note the tractors working to keep the lawn in good shape.

North Garden

Path leading into green space with garden beds and trees
Circular flower bed containing greenery in the middle bordered by pick and orange flowers
Shade plants and a park bench with a group of trees behind them
Flower bed with a variety of colours, surrounded a path and tree, with a wooden trellis in middle
Flower beds of green, purple, deep pink, and yellow in front of tall trees
Interlocking stone pathway through flowers beds and trees

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