Creative Learning And Fun At Manitoba Children’s Museum

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Train locomotive in centre of auditorium -like space of a children's museum with various colourful exhibits on either side
The Manitoba Children’s Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada offers creative learning and fun for children under 10 years of age

The Manitoba Children’s Museum, located at The Forks in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, features interactive exhibits for creative learning and fun. Brightly coloured exhibits throughout the museum invite young ones to play, imagine, and learn.

Years ago, I took my daughter and step-daughters to the museum. In the more than two decades since then, I’d only been back once, to see the Eaton’s Fairytale Vignettes on display over the Christmas season. Until this past summer, that is, when I visited with my now grown-up daughter and my grandchildren.

Colourful numbered blocks in a tower around a clock make up a time display at a children's museum
Brightly coloured time display near the entrance

My grandchildren were aged two and seven. Both found plenty to interest them and enjoyed the visit. However, I’m not sure how many more years my seven-year-old grandson will find the exhibits engaging. The facility is designed for children under the age of 10, but some children may find less to interest them at ages eight or nine.

Things had changed since my earlier visits, but other things remained the same. I was pleased to see that one of the things that remained the same was Locomotive 9161. Given that the museum is housed in the oldest surviving train repair facility in Manitoba, it seems fitting that a train occupies the centre of the museum and remains a highlight.

Side of CN Train locomotive 9161 at the Manitoba Children's Museum

Locomotive 9161 was built by General Motor’s Electro-Motive Division for Canadian National Railway Company in 1952. It carried passengers and freight twice-weekly between Winnipeg and Churchill, Manitoba until 1989, when it was put into storage. As the train got further north, it could travel no faster than 50 to 65 kilometres per hour (30 to 40 MPH) over the muskeg. It was restored in 1993 by a volunteer crew and moved to The Forks.

Children reading placard at a children's museum containing information about the parts of a locomotive
Learning about the parts of a locomotive
Inside the drive compartment of a locomotive
There is opportunity to ‘drive’ the engine
Interior of a locomotive at a children's museum
Inside the locomotive
Train Car interior with activities at a children's museum
Various activities are available on the Story Line inside the train

Popular as it is, the train is not the only attraction at the museum. I am highlighting a few of them below.

Child manipulating an excavator at a children's museum
Some excavator fun
Bridges and tunnels for tots to climb over and crawl through at a children's museum
Tot Spot
Toddler spinning spirals at a children's museum
Illusion tunnel with circular lines at a children's museum

Snacks and beverages are available for purchase at the coffee bar, but you are welcome to bring your own nut-free snacks. All food and beverages must be consumed in the designated eating area. For more information, including hours and admission prices, visit the Manitoba Children’s Museum website.

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The Manitoba Children's Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada offers creative learning and fun for children under 10 years of age

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