Scottsdale Spire

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Scottsdale Spire
A tower to the sky based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design, built on a corner in north Scottsdale

A tall blue spire sits on the southeast corner of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was built in 2004 based on a design by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, originally intended for the Arizona State Capitol Building.

In the late 1950s, when Arizona planned to build a new Capitol building, Frank Lloyd Wright submitted an unsolicited design. Wright’s “Oasis in the Desert” would have been a large complex including fountains, reflecting pools, shopping and gathering areas set inside the desert beauty of Papago Park. It also featured a large blue spire reaching into the clouds. The Legislature turned down Wright’s design and “Oasis in the Desert” was never built. A model is on display at Taliesin West

The developers of the Promenade retail and dining complex received approval to build the spire in a small park at the corner of their site.

The blue and teal tower of the Scottsdale Spire
Blue and teal translucent tiles of the Scottsdale Tower
Blue and teal translucent tiles change colours with the position of the sun
Park area at foot of Scottsdale Spire

A small park at the foot of the Spire features a covered seating area, fountains, and sculptures by Taliesin Fellow Heloise Crista.

Heloise Crista sculpture
Heloise Crista sculpture
Three Heloise Crista sculptures in park at Scottsdale Spire
More Heloise Crista sculptures

Impressive by day, the tower becomes stunning at night. Illuminated internally, it is visible for miles.

Scottsdale Spire illuminated at night


Scottsdale Spire: A tower to the sky based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design, built on a corner in north Scottsdale #Arizona #Scottsdale #art #FrankLloydWright

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