Puerto Vallarta Street Art: Exploring 5 de Diciembre

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Street art in 5 de Diciembre in Puerto Vallarta

Exploring Puerto Vallarta’s street art in Colonia 5 de Deciembre

Within my first few days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, after I’d already noticed a few pieces of street art, I came across a blog post titled with a walking guide to see a number of Puerto Vallarta’s works of street art. The guide started in the 5 de Diciembre area of the city, an area I hadn’t yet seen much of. I decided the guide would be a good way to explore that area as well as finding street art. A delightful surprise was that I discovered more street art than was listed in the guide.

El Panteón Cemetery in Puerto Vallarta

The self-guided tour started at the El Panteón Cemetery at the corner of Calle Brasilia y Calle San Salvador. Street art covered the wall around the cemetery.

Street art painted on the wall around El Panteón Cemetery in Puerto Vallarta

Mural of a woman and candles on the wall of El Panteón Cemetery in Puerto Vallarta

Mural of woman with purple-ringed eyes on the wall of El Panteón Cemetery in Puerto Vallarta

It was nice to find so many pieces in one location, although many were worn and in need of touching up. But this was just the start of my street art discovery tour. I would discover many other impressive pieces.

Colonia 5 de Deciembre

Street by El Panteón Cemetery in Puerto Vallarta

Colonia 5 de Diciembre is located just north of the central downtown area (El Centro) of Puerto Vallarta. It was one of the first areas outside of El Centro to be developed. It is largely residential with a blend of locals and expats, a majority of whom are year-round residents. It feels more like a traditional neighbourhood than a tourist destination, the predominant aura in other parts of the city.

Scenes from Mercado del Mer (fish market) in Puerto Vallarta

Mercado del Mar, the city’s largest fish market is across the street from the cemetery. It is interesting to walk through even if you aren’t there to purchase fish.

Street in 5 de Diciembre neighbourhood of Puerto Vallarta

As I walked the streets, every so often I’d catch a pleasant whiff of a sweet, floury aroma. I quickly learned to recognize that meant I was approaching a tortilla bakery.

Tortilla making machine in a small tortilla bakery in Puerto Vallarta
Tortilla making machine in a small tortilla bakery

Fresh made tortillas at a tortilla bakery in 5 de Diceimbre in Puerto Vallarta

Street leading to Our Lady of Refuge in Puerto Vallarta
Street leading to Our Lady of Refuge Church

The Our Lady of Refuge (Nuestra Señora del Refugio) church was built in the 1960s. It is located in front of Miguel Hidalgo Park, one block north of the Malecon.

Our Lady of Refuge Church in Puerto Vallarta lit up at night
On another day I walked by Our Lady of Refuge Church in the evening to find it beautifully lit up

Misael Ivan Lopez

Einstein mural by Misael in Puerto Vallarta

The above mural of Einstein, located on Calle Columbia between Calle San Salvador and Calle Nicaragua, was on Sarah’s tour. It is signed by Misael. Back home, I did some research and discovered that several of the murals I’d liked in the 5 de Diciembre area were created by Misael.

Misael Ivan Lopez was born in 1987 in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. When he was two, his family moved to Minnesota. In 2010 he was deported back to Mexico. After some culture shock, he discovered a love for Mexican indigenous and ancient art. That and his time in the U.S. have shaped his own art. In January 2018, he opened his own gallery The Hive Studio and Galería at San Salvador #370. The area near the gallery contains several murals he created or collaborated on.

Street art by Misael Lopez and Joey Real wrapping the wall beside the Hive Studio in Puerto Vallarta echoes the theme of the Hive with a swarm of bees
This piece, a collaboration between Misael Lopez and Joey Real, wraps the wall next to The Hive Studio. It echoes the theme of “The Hive” with a swarm of bees.


Bee mural by street artist Misael in Puerto Vallarta
More on the bee theme along that wall


Living Dreams street mural by Misael in Puero Vallarta features a bird in the centre
Another piece by Misael located near his gallery


Blue and pink street mural of girl and coral reefs
This mural by Misael is on Calle Venezuela

Coral Restore Mural Project

A Restore Coral Mural Project mural by Honhikuri in Puerto Vallarta features circular designs in turquoise, yellow and red
Restore Coral Mural Project mural by Honghikuri

The above mural on Calle Venezuela is one of many in Puerto Vallarta (and other places in Mexico) created as part of the Restore Coral Mural Project. Restore Coral is an organization working for the restoration of reef systems in Mexico, starting with the Mesoamerican Reef System. The Mesoamerican Reef, also known as the Great Mayan Reef, stretches for over 1,000 kilometres starting at the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula and continuing south along the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. In recent decades, the Mesoamerican Reef System has experienced a density loss of 75% endangering hundreds of marine species. The organization seeks to create spaces for the restoration, reproduction and care of coral reefs working in collaboration with scientists and civil society. The Restore Coral Mural Project uses urban art to raise awareness.

Colourful whale street art in Puerto Vallarta
Piece by Tony Collantes


Restore Coral Mural in Puerto Vallarta
Collaboration by Noise and Nick located in the sport area/basketball court at the corner of Argentina and Columbia Streets

More Street Art

Colourful fish mural in Puerto Vallarta
Mural by Senor on Calle Peru

Street art in Puerto Vallarta: mural of black and white designs

Sarah’s guide goes on to other areas of the city, but I didn’t follow it beyond 5 de Diciembre. I had already discovered some of the pieces she listed on Isla Cuale. Over the remainder of my stay in Puerto Vallarta, I hunted out street art as I explored the city. I will write about street art in other areas of Puerto Vallarta in an upcoming post.

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Exploring Puerto Vallarta's Colonia 5 de Deciembre neighbourhood and its amazing street art #streetart #PuertoVallarta

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  1. So many of these look magnificent. I like the idea of cemetery walls decorated by street art. We’re used to cemeteries having a somber look and instead here’s all that color. Also impressed with the Einstein portrait.

  2. Wow, amazing and colourful street art. I really liked the lizard and the octopus, but I couldn’t quite decide what Winnie the Pooh and his pot of honey were doing in the last one.

    1. Cindy, there was definitely impressive street art in Puerto Vallarta. And, like art of all kind, it can evoke different responses in different people.

  3. Are there no end to Puerto Vallarta’s charms? I can’t believe how many works of street art you found! My favorite is the woman with the butterfly on her face — fantastic!

    1. Patti, that is one of my favourites too. And there doesn’t appear to be an end to Puerto Vallarta’s charms. I discovered so many great things, but think there are still many things I have yet to see or experience.

    1. Carole, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the samples I included here. And it is amazing how street art has taken off. You can find it in such unexpected places.

  4. Love street art and this 5 de Deciembre dies not disappoint. Especially like Misael’s. Will try to visit his studio when I get there!

    1. Carol, I didn’t get to his studio. I only found out about it after I returned home. I will definitely visit it when I get back to PV some day.

  5. I loved this street art all the pictures are worth seeing. Hope once I get chance to visit these all.

  6. I love walking where ever we travel. There’s something about seeing everything and randomly finding surprises along the way. The street art tour sounds delightful.

    1. Alison, that mural wrapped around a corner was pretty amazing. It wasn’t one listed on the “tour” I was following so it was a delightful surprise.