British Columbia Winter Mountain Drive

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Heading into the mountains on a winter drive through the mountains of British Columbia
Photographs of a winter’s drive through the mountains of British Columbia, Canada

A road trip through the mountains of the Canadian province of British Columbia is a dream trip for many. That dream usually takes place in summer time. Winter driving can bring a variety of challenges: slippery road conditions; poor visibility due to snow, fog, or iced up windshields; highway closures because of storms, accidents, or avalanches. Although the driving can be stressful at times, the scenery is still spectacular.

The rest of this post contains a variety of photographs I took from the passenger seat on a 2020 January trip through the British Columbia mountains. These photos were taken along Highway 5 from Hope to Kamloops and Highway 1 from Kamloops to Golden and are not in chronological order. Winter weather can vary dramatically. When we did this drive, temperatures were mild (just above or below freezing). Skies were mostly cloudy. We drove through light rain, a few patches of fog, and a small section of light snow. Cloud cover was low and sometimes appeared in the middle of the horizon.

A line of clouds in the middle of partially snow-covered mountains on a winter day
Highway lined with fir trees amid snow-covered mountains with low-lying clouds on a winter drive through British Columbia
Snow-covered fir trees on a British Columbia mountain highway curve
Mountain rock beside British Columbia highway partially covered with snow
Canadian Pacific train engine driving past fir tress in British Columbia mountains
Mountain highway in British Columbia with with snow and snow-covered fir trees on either side and light snow falling
Frozen waterfalls alongside highway in British Columbia mountains
Snow and ice on the side of a British Columbia mountain
Snow partially covering rock slope of British Columbia mountain
British Columbia mountain with snow-covered fir trees atop a rock side covered with snow and frozen waterfalls
Snow on trees in British Columbia mountains
Snow created interesting sculptures in spots
Town street with snow banks along the side and snow piled on rooftops
The town of Revelstoke obviously had had a lot of snow – large banks along sides of streets and piles on top of roofs
Tunnel on a mountain highway in winter
Snow covered fir trees in British Columbia mountains
Fir trees and snowy mountain in British Columbia
Bluish looking snow-covered mountains in British Columbia at nightfall

If you are interested in contrasting these photos with ones taken at another time of year, photos in the post Driving Through a Postcard Revelstoke to Banff were taken in May.

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British Columbia Winter Mountain Drive: Photographs of a winter's drive through the mountains of British Columbia, Canada #Canada #BritishColumbia #ExploreBC #roadtrip #winter
British Columbia Winter Mountain Drive: Photographs of a winter's drive through the mountains of British Columbia, Canada #Canada #BritishColumbia #ExploreBC #roadtrip #winter

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    1. Thanks Ken. I thought they turned out not too bad considering they were taking through the window of a moving vehicle.

  1. Stefan, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. British Columbia, Canada has spectacular scenery all year round. If you do decide to visit and tour around in winter, make sure you take proper winter driving precautions. Or consider a train trip through the mountains where you can enjoy the scenery while someone else drives.