The Quaint Seaside Village of Cowichan Bay

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The Quaint Seaside Villiage of Cowichan Bay, British Columbia

Cowichan Bay village on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island: a picturesque place to visit

The seaside village of Cowichan Bay on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island is one hour north from Victoria or one hour south from Nanaimo, but it feels like a whole other world. Its fishing village atmosphere invites you to slow down, breathe in the sea air and linger.

Pier at the quaint seaside village of Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island

The picturesque village has a history of fishing, shipping and lumber. It has attracted sports fishermen from all over the world, particularly for salmon fishing. Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and John Wayne were among the notables who visited in the 1950s. The village remains a working harbour today, shipping lumber. There is an active fishing fleet, catching salmon, tuna, prawns and crab.

Cottages on stilts in the quaint, seaside village of Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island
Cottages on stilts

The village is built along the waterfront. Here you’ll find float homes built on pilings over the water. Many started as boat houses in the early 1900s and evolved into summer cottages. Today many are being renovated into full-time residences.

Marina at Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island

Quaint seaside village of Cowichan Bay

If you wish to get onto the water, kayak rentals and whale watching tours are available.

Shopping in the quaint seaside village of Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island

The village does not have a large number of stores (under a dozen), but they are worth taking the time to browse through. I found art work, interesting crafts, pottery, well-made clothing, antiques, coastal-inspired home decor, books, curiosities and a Cowichan sweater or two. Cowichan sweaters are heavy-knit sweaters with a distinctive design. Cowichan knitting developed as a combination of European textile techniques and Salish (Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest) spinning and weaving techniques.

Cowichan sweater
Cowichan sweater

Maritime Centre in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island
Part of the Maritime Centre built out over the water

It is worth taking time while strolling through the village to visit the Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre. It is a community-based museum operated by the Cowichan Wooden Boat Society. Displays highlight the history of shipbuilding and fishing in the area.

Displays at Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre museum
Some of the Maritime museum displays

Fish and chips in Cowichan Bay

And there is no need to go hungry or thirsty in the village. The village has several restaurants. Farm house fare, casual meals and fine dining are available. This prairie girl was impressed and a little overwhelmed at the fresh seafood choices on the various menus, but there was also plenty to satisfy a non-fish eater. When I talked to people in Victoria about visiting Cowichan Bay, each one immediately mentioned a favourite restaurant. They didn’t have the same favourite, but I got the impression each felt the dining was well worth the drive. My sister and I decided on a traditional fish and chip meal for lunch. I hope to get back and try some of the other restaurants and menu options.

You can also purchase treats to take home. True Grain Bakery is an Old World inspired European bakery specializing in fresh, local, organic, handcrafted bread. All baked goods are made with organic grain grown and milled in British Columbia. We bought bread and cookies, both delicious. Hilary’s Cheese Co. has a selection of regional artisan cheeses as well as cheeses from around the world. They also have restaurant facilities, serving snacks and light lunches. You can pick up a tub of fresh-made old-fashioned ice cream at Udder Guy’s Ice Cream or have a cone on site. Beaver House Fudge makes fudge with organic cream and butter.

Hilary's Cheese in Cowichan Bay
Interior of Hilary’s Cheese

Cowichan Bay made for a great day trip during my visit to Victoria. Guesthouse, bed-and-breakfast, inn and suite accommodations are available for those who want to slow down and enjoy Cowichan Bay for more than a day.

The quaint seaside village of Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island

The scenic rolling hills and valleys surrounding Cowichan Bay contain vineyards, organic farms, artist studios and historic villages. You might consider a stop at Merridale Cidery and Distillery, Cherry Point Wine or Drumroaster Coffee on the way to or from Cowichan Bay.

Coffee making equipment display
Display of assorted types of coffee-making equipment at Drumroaster Coffee

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Cowichan Bay: a quaint seaside village and a picturesque place to visit on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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  1. Donna, thx for solving a mystery for us! We stayed at a home near Nanaimo last winter and my husband adopted a sweater which we thought was an Icelandic sweater (which are prevalent here in MB). But now I know it was a Cowichan sweater!

    1. Doreen, in southern Manitoba we called these type of sweaters “curling sweaters”. My mother knit me one when I was in my twenties and I loved it. It no longer fits, but a few years ago I passed it on to my niece who now wears it. I know my mother would be pleased (and a little surprised) if she were still alive.

  2. What I lovely seaside village, Donna. I only have spent about 2 days total on the island, with most of that driving to and from Tofino. Would love to explore more of this spectacular place of the world.

    1. Charles, I always love going to Vancouver Island. It is a spectacular part of the world with lots of charming places, including Tofino.

  3. I’ve loved any of the seaside locations you’ve featured, and Cowichan Bay is no exception. Plus, Victoria B.C. is within my current means of possible travel locations, so I will keep this post in mind for the day I can make it up that way.

  4. What a village. I wish we hadn’t cancelled our Victoria trip last September. I would love to do exactly what you did…a day trip to Cowichan Bay. Sampling the stores, takinig in the sea air, eating seafood, buying bread and cheese. What a life.

  5. I feel overdue for a return trip to British Columbia and thanks to this post, I now know of a visit worthy place in addition to Victoria and Vancouver. Cowichan Bay Village seems like a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

  6. What a fabulous looking village to visit. We went to Vancouver and Vancouver Island many years ago but I didn’t realise that there were towns on the island as cute as this and not far from Victoria. Thanks for introducing Cowichen Bay to me

    1. Jenny, there are several cute towns and areas on Vancouver Island. Cowichan Bay is one of the quaintest I’ve visited.